Sunday, April 26, 2009


Cant help shake off the feeling that I am simply in the wrong decade. I should have been at this stage in the '80s..

To start off working with computers was so much easier back then. The ITDonkeys had respect..they were demigods ... .and had the world at their feet. IT was where the money was. If you were in IT , there was a real chance you did actually work on something that indeed was "cutting edge" .

There were a lot less big companies running out of money. The MBAs hadnt taken over everything yet.

And I loved the cars! I loved the fact their large engines did nothing in particular , and companies were not letting this insignificant fact bother them. Group B rallying was still around.

Did I mention I liked the cyberpunk movies ? Complete breakdown of social order and "robots and computers" taking over the world. LOL!

Seeing a Nintendo NES still leaves me with a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. And I absolutely and totally adored the 8-bit games that came in with it.

This decade is simply too crowded, too fast, too unforgiving, too complicated and too vast to explore the edges of. ITDonkeys are well.. just that. And I am working on stuff which wont even cut through paper, let alone "edges". Everybody is bankrupt and an MBA decides whether the I get to keep my job or not.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I did.

First thing in the morning today. Before reporting for my Donkey duties.
You can see that the lady applying the ink was too preoccupied with something (maybe her husband...or maybe my rather strange face).

Ohh...and I fail to understand why the ink-application was shifted from the index finger to its neighbour (not the thumb!). Makes for pretty strange press-photographs.

PS : As a result, got to show my manager , the "birdie" today :).

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I am incredibly fed up of the pointless things around here (which is pretty much everything). Maybe I should just chuck it all and head to the Himalayas. Now where do I put in my cab request..

PS : Do I get broadband in the mountains ?

PPS : And cable TV ?