Saturday, November 28, 2009

Yes, its possible...

Can a packet of Maggi be completely ruined ? the title.

A little background though.
You see, with no ability to move around myself, I have to be completely dependent on some kind soul to get me to a shop so I can buy the essentials of life.
But when there is no one in sight, I am left to fend for myself, especially at the end of the week, since the supplies bought a week earlier are about to run out.
So like millions of souls who find themselves in a similar predicament, I heaved a huge sigh of relief when I spotted a small packet of Maggi Instant Tomato flavoured noodles lying around. Maggi is one dish which even the most hamfisted of cooks cannot go wrong with. It is a safe, fulfilling,quick, economical and a distinctly non-healthy meal in itself for the hungry soul whose other option is starvation.
A suitable sized vessel was quickly found, and water added, the burner set to medium heat.
The water began boiling, and yours truly quickly opened the packet, emptied its contents into the water and discarded the packet in one fluid motion.
But..err.. Was it two cups of water or four I had added ?
What does the packet say ? Four? Two ? One ? How come I had never faced this issue back home ?
But the answer was evident, there was clearly much more water than this little packet was intended to be cooked in..
Needed a quick fix, so decided to add a spoonful of so of the leftover rice from the morning.
Clearly though, it was turning out to be more of a soup, so a little more fixing was called for.

An egg. For reasons not entirely known to me, I thought a couple of them would be a good idea.
So I did, broke and added a couple of eggs to the liquid, A little high heat, a little vigorous stirring, and I would be good to go....!! Sheer genius, that...

And the result was... ghastly! It looked like a sticky, gelatinous mess which someone had just regurgitated.
And it also turned out to be the most horrible thing I have ever tasted in my life.
Even a generous sprinkling of crushed red peppers (Pizza Hut) and about half a cup of Heinz tomato ketchup couldnt save it.
And now, I was stuck with about half a kilo of it..

I said a little prayer, mustered up the courage, and quickly swallowed two half bowls of it in rapid succession. There was still three fourth of it left. Gulp. I was now left with no choice, but to pour my precious maggi down the kitchen sink, but there is only so much of torture I could subject myself to.

That brings me on neatly to the kind of solutions we have been providing.
You write something, user finds it not upto the mark, so you attempt to quick fix it like above and end up discarding the whole thing.

PS : A tall glass of orange juice and some chocolate chip cookies have rushed to my rescue today.

PPS : I would be grateful if someone tells me the real amount of water to be added to a small packet of Maggi.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


As far as I see it, the city of Memphis is one long stretch of highway, with some buildings on either side.
So far, I have seen not even a single pedestrian on the road. Nor have I heard a single honk.