Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lessons in America

- Dont order anything edible which says "Large" against it.

Ordered a "Large" popcorn today, taking a cue from several Americans discussing amongst themselves the size of their orders.

What I was handed in return for my four dollars fifty can only be described as a paper bucket I could have taken a popcorn bath in.

- Dont attempt to look for anything in waist size 32 which you like, because its not gonna be there.

Ever seen size 40, 44 or heck, even size 48 pants??

- Dont attempt to confuse people by presenting your indian driving license as "id proof".

Many million years ago, I had a photo of mine clicked when I was thin :(.

- Dont be a pedestrian in the 300 metre radius of a School Bus.

Curious cops come around to take a look in mean lookin Dodge Chargers :( .

...............many more to come!