Friday, October 23, 2009

To be able to successfully carry of dwindling hair, you need to be looking like either this :

Or like this :

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Quarter life crisis

Symptoms of a quarter life crisis , amongst other things :

- insecurity regarding the fact that their actions are meaningless

- insecurity regarding present accomplishments

- disappointment with one's job

- boredom with social interactions

- a sense that everyone is, somehow, doing better than you.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Log file.

8.30 pm - I have slept for two and a half hours in the day today. My "preparation" for the night ahead. Picked at the food served for dinner at home.

9.00 pm - Get a call from the cab driver,asking me if I have a pickup. Come to think of it, it was ME who made the call. Damn, most of my phone expenses seem to go towards calling back cabbies and calling up my ISPs technical helpdesk.

9.20 pm - Hope is a very nice thing. Hope is what gets me out of bed. Though I would rather get out of bed every morning (like a normal human) than in the evening. Hope for the day was having a very pretty cab mate.

9.22 pm - Hopes dashed.

9.30 pm - Its raining. In October.

9.45 pm - Reached office. Just in time to see tired software engineers hurrying towards the last bus and the management types ambling towards their cars. Ride the lift (elevator, for those who speak Americanese) up all alone (ofcourse!).

10.15 pm - No interesting mails yet.

11.03 pm - Just spent half an hour chitchatting with a guy who couldnt go home in the heavy rains.

11.55 pm - Called up onsite guy and spent half an hour chitchatting with him.

12.15 am - Shouldnt have just picked at the food at dinnertime, my innards are growling out their demands. No interesting mails yet.

1.00 am - Have sent a few pointless mails on issues which dont really matter. Even that feels like a big accomplishment.

2.00 am - Maggi instant noodles are perfect odd hours comfort food! No interesting mails arrived in the meantime.

3.37 am - Katrina in HD is a perfect way to keep you awake. Watching her is like watching the sun rising from behind a lush green hill..its just plain...invigorating.

4.30 am - I am thirsty. No amount flipping the switch seems to restart the water cooler. If tomorrow you find it broken, its because I was at it for some considerable time.

5.49 am - My attempts to keep my head straight up are failing. It is flopping from side to side and does not want to be perched up at all. No interesting emails yet.

6.30 am - Less than 15 minutes to go before I can packup and leave office. And I am absolutely inundated with issues! Suddenly I am not very sleepy anymore. Thinking about hope of the day again.

6.53 am - Shittt!! I am wasting time typing this...BUttt..... No interesting mails yet..

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Obama Nobel.

So Obama won a Nobel for peace. Apparently, for his visions and plans.
I didnt know visions and I-coulds were enough warrant a big prize. If visions are being considered, may I..ahem... have an Oscar please?