Friday, February 27, 2009


Never before, perhaps in the history of my entire working life, Have I been looking forward to a Monday morning as much as I am doing this Friday evening... :-))
Cant wait to get up and head to office !

watch this space. ;-) .

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Random thought... Over the past year and a half, I have sent and received in excess of 54,000 official mails (on client provided ID).

This is not counting the few thousands sent/received that I lost between April and June and last year, due to a stupid error on my part.
Not a single one of the above though, was memorable in any way. If someone asks me to choose a few of the above which I can keep and have to delete the rest, I wouldnt be able to pick even one.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Target Ads.

An interesting "behavioural targetting" by online advertisers. My case, that is.

These guys must be getting really smart. Since TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign language. I think, not sure) by ETS seems to be the constant one. I dunno how these guys managed to figure out that I need help in that department, and are urging me to study it.
The other ones are, as you can see from the above screengrab, are the ones urging me to tie the nuptials. How on earth do they manage to figure out I was single??
These computer guys and their intelligent programs continue to amaze me. :|

Personality Test

A good gauge of how pleasant someone's personality is the time required for the vacant seat next to him/her to be occupied by someone , whilst on public transport like the office bus.
People climb aboard, give the seats a glance, and if all of them have atleast 1 occupant, slide in next to the first non-repulsive co-passenger they find.
There are some people who have co-occupants on the seat, even when the 90% of the bus is empty. And then there is me.
99% of the time, mine is the absolute last seat to be filled to its capacity (of two) in the entire bus. The remaining times, it is not filled at all.
A few days ago, the bus was filled to capacity (well..almost), while I only had my laptop as a companion. Just as we were about to set off for home, in climbed a girl, not too unpleasant looking, I might add. She gave the entire bus a glance, hoping to squeeze in somewhere. But there was no other space available.
I , like a responsible co-passenger, lifted my bag off the seat and placed it on my lap, vacating it. But noooo.... She turned away and occupied the "cleaner's" seat in the driver's cabin. I guess
she found a rattly,noisy,smelly six cylinder diesel engine next to her better company to sit with than yours truly :(.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Taking a leaf out of GJ's book, I am posting (one of my) my favourite Safari ads here :

"Slavery is not dead ..." . Darned right it isnt. Reclaiming my life is the need of the hour.

PS: Tomorrow is yet another day I have applied a leave for but plan to go anyway.
Yes I know. I am a chicken.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Pathetic week, the last one. Around 200* people got the boot this Thursday and Friday, and thats 200 too many.
What is worse is the dreadful manner in which they were sent off,signing on pre composed resignation letters and later escorted to the gates by some of the HR girls, like criminals at the end of their detention. The chap was then bundled into a waiting car at the gates, with the cabbie having strict instructions to drop their cargo at the addresses mentioned by them without asking any questions.
I am sure they will deduct the cab fees in their final settlement. Security guards were placed on all rooftops , who were not letting anyone near the edges, citing "Wiring work" as the standard reason.
Everyday I go, I open my inbox half expecting the meeting invitation from a veep. Getting that, for lowlifes called common employees, has only one reason. The sack.
Not that I care anymore. Fear can be a motivation for only about a week.

Also, I wonder, shouldnt the non-direct revenue earners be the first ones to go ? Like HR, for example.

Amongst the Friday casualties, was Lovely Smile. This straightaway takes 10% of my motivation of heading to work. And thats quite a lot. I will miss the way LS's smile would light up my few minutes at work. I hope LS gets a better job elsewhere.
And that LS's beaming face will continue to illuminate a few more cubicles, in other, maybe more deserving organisations. :(

* Hearsay!