Friday, July 30, 2010

Comment moderation.

Sorry guys, had to enable moderation for comments to get rid of my quite considerable Chinese fan following, who, even though were engaged in the noble task of encouraging visitors to this blog to enhance their manliness with their help, didnt quite catch my fancy.

PS: I also now officially hate Facebook , because it gives me a glimpse of the utterly charmed life everybody else is leading.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Coming out.

Its been years. Years and years since I have been waiting for this moment.
Thought that apprehension of it all would go away as time progressed. But it hasnt. Got a lump in my throat as big as an apple as I am writing this.
I used to think that no, most certainly I am not the ONLY one in the world like this. There must be others, and yes, there most certainly are, but they can be very strongly stereotyped. Not me. Infact, some would indeed say that they never expected me to ever turn out like this.
But I can only hide this for so long, before people come to know through means other than me.
So here goes...thats me 'coming out' : I. Cant. Park.

There. I said it.
I cant park to save my life. The very thought of steering a big machine into a marked area into which it sort of fits fills my heart with great fear. And there is a monstrous knot in my tummy everytime I actually have to reverse into some place.
I sometimes walk for many kilometers to my destination just because the parking spot earlier on was "just so fine".
I have seen completely new drivers execute a perfect parallel park and dithering old ladies deftly sliding their cars in spots smaller than their car itself.
So why me ? Was I..err..born with it ?