Monday, March 30, 2009

People's Republic of America.

Is the US slowly(or quickly, depending on your view) turning into the USSA ? (United Socialist States of America)
Their govt. forced the ouster of Rick Wagoner and has all but taken over GM. And indeed the entire American auto industry, the now-in-deep-shit (big) three.
The Govt. of America may soon be a giant holding corporation , with interests in banking, autos, mining, petroleum, aviation and defence. Chairman President will be at the helm, with an able politburo to guide him (or maybe her...who knows?).
Is the software industry asking for bailouts ? Not yet, but who knows.
The way things are going in India, I am wondering how long they can hold out. With many of their clients keeling over and dying, I am not sure how they may not be dragged down themselves.
Yes, one of the Big 3 ( I still like to call them that!) is client of ours, with a dedicated ODC and the works.
And I wonder what would happen to me , working in the ODC of a prime automotive supplier.

Finally...after decades of bumbling, they were finally getting a few things right, only to go bankrupt in the process. Too bad cars like the below may soon be a thing of the past, before I get to even see one in person :

PS : I have had conversations like the below with people who have returned from the venerable "onsite".
ME : Which car you owned "there" ?

Guy : was a Mustang.
ME: Cool... was it a V6 or a V8
Guy: (blank look)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Late night post.

Its past 3.30 AM here in office, on a Friday night .. Saturday morning..
I am just done with killing Joe , my lone companion for the night.
It doesnt quite matter that Joe was bugging me for quite some time and deserved to be killed. I lodged a couple of strong protests by hand gestures.But they went unheeded. So killed he was. I can post gory pictures I took right after his death, if anybody is interested.

His incessant buzzing was getting on my nerves. Yes, Joe was a mosquito, giving me company in the desolate and darkened premises.

Amongst other updates, I found that my office status symbol has been flicked by someone.
No one else in the six cubicles around me had one.
It was a sure image enhancer.
An attention grabber.
A guaranteed chick bagger.
My very own dustbin,right under my desk.

And now .... its gone.
My image has taken a beating.
I will no longer get the same amount of attention.
Gorgeous cubicle ladies will no longer gravitate towards my desk.

Without the reassuring touch of my status symbol to my feet, I am going to end up feeling inadequate.
I am frustrated.

I just killed Joe's cousin John for fun.

I need some sleep.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Eco Friendly

Yes, this is the latest craze to have hit the office admins.
Would love to hear their defence on this one. Contrary to my expecations though, it does not stink in its quest to go tree-hugging.
Except at night, post 12 am. When all I am doing to break the monotony of the night is down bottles of water.

Monday, March 16, 2009


How bad is it if the best part about your day at work is the going home part ?

PS : Posted from the workplace.... A case of the "Mondays".

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I think a big batch of people is going to be fired again in the coming weeks. Which means the entire building where perhaps upwards of 1500 people work will be even more empty. Then they will probably sell the building off.

Why do I say the above ? HR people were actually working on a Saturday...

Ohh... and they were also getting free meals from the cafe in return. As if working on a weekend is a super favour they are doing to the organisation. What about countless SEs who already do that and yet pay lots from their own pockets ?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


You know things are bad when you get the following dream :
A lazy sunday afternoon, and I am doing nothing at the moment. Hence to see what is to be done next, I open Remedy.

Why 'o why.. Its bad enough when you have your manager invading your dreams.
Ohh yeah, I had a freakishly realistic dream the other day, wherein the manager was , in his typical fashion, telling us "Yeah ... We have lost few onsite positions".

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


How about this : The bestestest feeling I have had at work for a long, really really looooooong time , ends tomorrow :_( .
Only week since... forever that I was looking forward to go to work, AND stay highly motivated through the day and beyond ends abruptly tomorrow (Thursday).
Back to my dreary old self from Monday (not going to show up on Friday because I need some time before I can get back to sitting on a normal, good chair).

Aahh the chair... How I am going to miss the flicking of my (in-good-condition) chair in my absence , and the giggles that follow when I show up and clumsily try to adjust myself into a wobbly,creaky old one, followed by some comments which I think, on hindsight, are rather stupid.

All good things come to an end.
And the best ones end rather abruptly.