Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Its a sign of worry when your parents show up serious faced into your room out of the blue. More so if they have been having some sort of discussion amongst themselves before that.

What is the reason you are spending inordinately long times in office these days ? - They ask.
Is it because there is *someone* we should be knowing about ? - She asks.

Ahh... they have no idea do they?

Ofcourse its about someone they should know !

Infact, I have the nagging suspicion that they already know..

The people luring me into the dark innards of the office (why dark? because they are darned keen to switch off all lights post 9pm..) , are a certain Mr. Mohandas Gandhi and a certain Mr.Benjamin Franklin . I love them!!


Siddharth said...

hahaha.. dont work so hard dude.. telling you go public.. you wont have to..

Lord GJ said...

Dude ! They showing you the carrot again ?

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