Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Family weddings are good for the health.
I can spend all the time getting a decent workout from running away from the queries like "what are your expectations.." , "When is your turn.." , presented to me by little old ladies who seem to pop out of everywhere.

I was surprised the other day though, when my usual parking spot at home was occupied by a BMW when I returned after (yet another) long day at office. Even more surprising was that the gentleman owner was actually a visitor at my home. They were discussing..oh well. Excuse me sir, has it occurred to you, that even if we disregard other things, you folks are way way way above my league? Not that I have the slightest interest in these matters.

Now that we are on the subject of female companionship, I might add that Europe(from where the Donkey is back from his mule-ing duties) is a wonderful place to be with one!

Just walking down its cobbled streets and soaking it all in...the buildings, the slim and pretty and very fashionable ladies , the snotty men who pretended not to understand English, the street cafes, the quirky and stylish cars and the boutique shops.... filled me with a warm fuzzy feeling!

Antwerp is full of things I cannot afford.

Brussels seems to be the centre of the European universe. Its like they want to be symbolic of the continent, just like people equate NY with the USA.

And Amsterdam seems to be a city full of pot smoking pornography peddlers. Not really a place where you walk into a toy-shop expecting to find Chinese plastic cars.