Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cant-o-logical order

 What is short, fat , round and hairless ? And now, pointless ?

Been a year of Cants. Got an event ? I can cant-o-fy it.

Cant : Get a Visa- 

So my company sent me in to get a visa with crappy, and bordering on fraudulent documentation. Result ? Denied an H1 visa, the most undeniable Visa of them all.

Cant : Grow my hair back - 

There is no cure for bad luck.

Cant : Be ever lucky with females - 

Do you even need an explanation  ?

Cant : Renew interest in his old dead-end job. 

Not that there ever was any to begin with.

Cant : Land a new one. 

I tried. Seriously. But how do you fake 5 years of coding experience you do not have ?  I can now post a step by step guide to keep a straight face when told "Sorry, but you can leave for the day..".

Cant :  Afford to use a petrol driven car.

Again, not that I ever did in the past. But hey, like everything, I chose the ostrich approach. If you dont like it, bury your head in the sand and hope that it goes away.

Cant : Even make this post come out as I intended it to. 

 Self explanatory.

Cant : Think of better things to do on a Saturday evening than make crappy blog posts. 

Ohh, and now I can endlessly bore people with pointless Tweets.!/TheITDonkey


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